With continuous process improvement. Customized, fluid solutions reduce costs and improve availability of your product.

Fluid Solutions

Fluid means continuously adapting, evolving. We adapt our systems to meet your needs, with built-in parameters for continuous process improvement.

Seamless Integration

You want a 3PL provider to simplify operations and save costs. Technology shouldn’t get in the way, and with us, it doesn’t. Our systems seamlessly integrate with yours, bringing you a continuous, transparent flow of information.


Why pay for space or services you’re not using? Use what you need, and pay only for the space, manpower and equipment used. You always have access to additional resources, when needed.


Control costs with shared space and storage services. We design complete logistics solutions to bring you greater flexibility and economy in storage space, manpower and equipment.

Personalized installation design to complement the changing needs of your business. We use the latest technology to analyze your supply chain and design processes to optimize your operation. Operations: simplified and cost-effective.



Stay on top of your supply chain and make informed decisions with the latest technology. Our hi-tech solutions include:

  • Portal tracking and tracing

  • Warehouse management systems - inputs and outputs

  • Optimizations tools: route, container and inventory

  • Transport and yard control systems 

  • Business intelligence reports


How can we help you meet the demands of your business and your customers? If you don’t see it on this list, ask about it. Let’s innovate something. We’re always expanding our value-added services.

  • Vendor-managed inventory (VMI)

  • Kitting, labeling

  • Specialized packing/repacking

  • Kanban

  • Inspection and tests prior to delivery

  • Electronic configurations/tests

  • Parts cleaning and repair 

  • Light manufacturing

  • Contracted manufacturing

  • Just-in-sequence deliveries

  • Cross-docking

  • Supply orders

  • Reverse Logistics