Expert handling of your specific customs needs so you get the fastest clearance possible, worry-free.

Direct, personalized service
A single point of contact to know and manage all your customs needs.

No surprises
Through our close, constant relationships with customs and border agencies, we are immediately aware of changes that affect you.

We’ve got this

Your clearance is managed 100% by professionals with the experience needed to keep your goods moving and keep you in compliance. It’s what we’ve done for the past 70 years.


Imports and Exports

  • Definitive

  • Temporary

  • Regime change

  • Virtual Operations

  • Reshipments

  • Notice of Transfer

  • Foreign Trade Zones

Foreign Trade Consulting

  • Preventative audits

  • Legal advice

  • Calculation of taxes and duties

  • Detailed analysis of regulatory compliance

Air, Land and Sea

Customs and Logistics

  • Imports and exports

  • Bonded shipments

  • Virtual Transfers


  • Administration and control of Maquiladora Annex 24 (Temporary Imports) 

  • In-house executives to manage logistics and customs

  • Administration and control of customs offices

  • IT for customs clearance and logistics

  • Consulting in IMMEX program and its applications do



Imports and Exports

  • Customs management in any port/U.S. Customs.

  • U.S. imports transmitted to Customs via ABI.

  • Transmission of E-Manifest.

  • Declaration of export via AES (SEDs).

  • Import Bonds: per shipment or annual.

  • Customs authorization request for movement of cargo in zones.

  • Insertion or extraction: Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) or General Order (GO)

Foreign Trade Consulting

  • Import/Export consulting

  • Calculation of taxes and applicable tariffs

  • Legal consultation re:  governmental requirements

  • Request of Binding Rulings

  • NAFTA origin analysis, determination of tariff classification

  • Recuperation of import taxes (Drawback)

Air, Land and Sea Customs

and Logistics

  • Customs management in any port/US Customs

  • Transmission of ISF for ocean shipments

  • Bonded warehousing

  • Initialization/cancellation of In-Bond Shipments

  • T&E, IT and IE Entries

  • Coordination of transportation with authorized carriers

  • Full visibility of goods during process


  • In-House executives to coordinate logistics and customs

  • Customs administration and control office

  • Inventory reports and status of goods

  • Cost reconciliation